Photo Booth Concerns: Wedding Advice and Etiquette

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November 1, 2017
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Photo Booth Concerns: Wedding Advice and Etiquette


Event organizers set up and integrate photo booths at their parties in order to draw the crowd’s attention. They excel in this role pretty well making them a perfect set piece in any event. With that being said, formal events such as weddings while benefitting greatly from the addition of photo booth will need to make the necessary efforts to maintain order. One of them is through proper photo booth etiquette. Let us look at some of the concerns wedding couples have with photo booth and how to remedy them.

Photo booths need the cooperation of their users in order for them to operate in an effective manner. This is the reason why you will often find rules and regulations posted with photo booths in Melbourne, Australia. It’s what APB is using. Don’t feel hesitant or reluctant in posting rules and regulations on how to use your photo booth during the wedding. This in turn greatly reduces the risk of encountering problems and other related issues with your booths. Don’t forget to use polite words while at the same time avoid having them said in a condescending tone or manner.

You can expect your photo booth to be jam packed with people waiting for their lines. In order to help you accommodate each guest without the worries of people cutting in line, you may want to employ a path with borders which helps direct your guests. This in turn reduces the likelihood of people overcrowding your photo booth as a result. If you are expecting a large number of guests, getting a second photo booth is considered to be a very much worthwhile investment as this helps greatly reduce the waiting time of your guests.


Keeping the photo booth discreet also avoids them from drawing too much unwanted attention to your guests. A good way to do this is by hiding your booth while your wedding ceremony is in progress and unveil once the reception starts. This in turn helps keep the attention of your guests to your wedding which is what couples are usually aiming for.

Wedding photo booth does indeed raise a number of concerns to couples. Hopefully, this article will be able to help clear your doubts when using them on your upcoming event. Consider the tips mentioned below and don’t forget to get in touch with your photo booth rental company to find a suitable booth that will be able to fit your preference and needs.

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